Virtual Practice CFO Premium

  • Set Your Plans to Manage Your Practice
  • Track Valuable Key Indicators in Real Time
  • Increase Productivity and Encourage Good Habits
  • Forecast the Future & Easily Make Course Corrections

The VPCFO was created so that medical, dental and all other health clinics could have a simple to use planning, forecasting and tracking solution. Combined with our online training and certification program, you will have the technical and theoretic knowledge to be successful. The VPCFO is our method to easily apply the theory you will learn in the course. The training combined with the VPCFO tool, will help your office improve operational performance and financial profitability.

Quarterly 1 on 1s

Quarterly you will have a 30 minute review of your numbers with Carl Stoddard to look get his perspective on your practice performance.

Video Reports

Monthly video reports (5-10 minutes) on how the practice is performing based on the Virtual Practice CFO.

Office Manager University

Complimentary software for all of your staff as long as you are a member. VPCFO is limited to the Financial Analysis for Clinics. The VPCFO Premium has access to the entire library of courses.

New Patient Tracker

This a specialized software tool to you help you answer:

  1. Where your new patients are coming from?
  2. How much they are costing for each source?

It can be as detailed or as general as you choose.

Raise Planner

The raise planner helps you determine how raises should be divvied up to your employees based on best practices. There is online training to support the process.

Advanced QuickBooks Online Reporting

This takes your QuickBooks or Xero reporting to the next level. This includes initial setup, customization will be at an additional charge.


Pull QuickBooks Online Numbers for NPT and VPCFO

If using, QuickBooks online, we will pull your numbers monthly and enter them into the VPCFO.

Deposit Reconciliation

This is a support tool that helps reconcile your billing system deposits (collections) to QuickBooks Revenue. It is supported with online training.

Smarter Purchase for your Practice

Provider Goals & Reporting

This is an online tool where you can create provider level goals and compare the actuals each month. It is meant to be reviewed with your provider monthly.

Wealth advisor

Pricing Model for Services and Equipment based Services

This is an effective tool to model your profit, costs and margins for all services from botox that have a material, labor and commission costs as well as those that utilize expensive equipment. You can find break evens and compare different scenarios side by side.


Inventory Tracker

This is an effective tool to track your inventory costs so you can manage your inventory spend more effectively.

Associate Pay Worksheet

This is a worksheet to help calculate your associate pay. There may be an additional charge for high turnover.

Cost: $500 Month / $5,500 Year

What Our Clients Say

Dr. Wilde, DPM

“[VPCFO] has become indispensable in my decision making process.”

Valley Foot & Ankle

Dr. Stoddard, MD

“I highly recommend using the pricing tool prior to any major equipment purchase.”

Idaho Skin Institute

Dr. Harp, MD

an opportunity to focus marketing efforts.”

Apex Dermatology