Payroll has changed immensely and if you are doing it manually, please stop because you are wasting time and money.  Your office staff should never manually do payroll manually.  The designated person should be entering hours and pressing go.  At that point, you are done and our software takes over.   Doctors CFO Practice Payroll is so simple and so affordable, please reach out to us for pricing.


Easy to Use

Our software is so easy to use.  Login, enter hours, verify, press go and you are done.  Adding new employees is  simple and did I say we have 24x7 support. 

Employee Access

You'll never need to reprint an employee paystub or W2 again.  The employees will have access to their documents and earnings at all times.  


Having someone in your office knowing your employee's pay rates will compromise your privacy.   Having a third party doing your accounting removes this temptation and keeps your employee information confidential. 

Automated Goverment Reporting

If there is one thing you cannot get wrong, it is payroll.  So why take a chance?  After you press go, we do the rest of the federal and state reporting.  W2's will automatically be available to your employees online at the end of the year. 

Human Resource Module

Do you want to track more information than payroll?  Well you can with us, because human resources tracking is included!

Automated Workers Compensation Reporting

Workers comp is so tied to payroll it might as well be integrated with payroll.  Well it is!  You sign up with our carrier and reporting, processing and payment magically happens.

Low Cost

If our price was lower, it would be free!  Pricing starts as low as $50 per month plus $10 per employee.  

Cloud Based

Cloud-based payroll allows you to have access to your payroll information at any time.  We know that you may seldom access it, but it will be available to you. 


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