New Patient Tracker

New patients are vital for practice success. The Doctors CFO New Patient Tracker is an easy way to monitor the influx of new patients and marketing spend. It will analyze the data and tell you where your marketing efforts are most productive and provides more thorough tracking than your operating system.


Cost Per New Patient

Was that $300 radio ad worth your marketing investment?


Not only will the New Patient Tracker automatically figure your cost per new patient, it will calculate the cost per patient in each marketing channel. 

Track Marketing Spend

How much are you spending annually on each marketing channel?

Enter marketing spend by vendor to track how much you are spending on TV and Radio ads, Print Media, Organizations and Schools, Internet and Social Media, Referrals, and more.

Set Monthly Goals

How many new patients do you need every month to have a successful practice?

On our reference page record monthly new patient goals, total monthly encounter goals, and marketing spend goals to get a real time percentage of how close your team is to the target.

Track Referral Rewards
Project Treatment Plan Value

Are you rewarding employees or patients for referring patients to your practice?

Our New Patient tracker provides an

easy way to see your top ranked marketing channels with a separate

page to track gift card spend and distribution.

How much revenue do you anticipate for the first appointment?

Place a value on each new patient appointment by entering the estimated fees.

Create Reports

Do you need an easy way to break down marketing progress at monthly meetings?

This tracker automatically generates reports by day, month, and year so you have real time reports to lead your marketing efforts.

History Upload

How did your marketing efforts pay off in previous years?

For an additional cost, we can upload past data into our New Patient Tracker to give you historical analysis. This is important for future planning.


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